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Best Electric Mops for Hardwood Floors: Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Keeping the hardwood floor clean and shiny can be a challenging task since you have to clean and mop it to protect its polished look. Vacuuming will only pick up dust and dry debris while mopping will help wipe out the wet spills and stains from the surface. You must be extra cautious while selecting the best electric mop for hardwood floors because using the wrong mopping machine will scratch the surface and leave scuff marks. This is why we have done the research and testing and carved out a list of electric mops you can choose from. 

Best Electric Mops For Hardwood Floors

After complete research and testing on different aspects of the electric mops including spin, steam, robot, and vac/mop combo, the following is the list of the best electric mops you can use to clean your hardwood floor: 

  1. Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra (Top pick)
  2. VMAI Cordless Electric Mop (Best budget)
  3. Shark s7001 (Best 3-in-1 mop)
  4. Bissell 1543A Symphony Pet (Best for pets)
  5. Tineco Floor One S3 (Best cordless mop)
  6. Bissell SpinWave 2039A (Best spinning mop)


  • Weight: 10 pounds 
  • Corded/Cordless: Cordless
  • Battery Runtime: up to 180 minutes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 200 ml
  • Washable pads: Yes

When talking about the best electric mop for hardwood floors, one thing that comes to mind is convenience and amenity. A robot mop takes this convenience to another level. With an upright electric mop, you still have to guide it all along your floors for mopping. But a robot can do all the chores autonomously. So, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is the best electric robot mop for your hardwood floors. 

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra is probably the most advanced robot mop to date. It truly goes with the saying “time is money”. Because after buying this, you don’t have to babysit it for every run. You don’t have to wash the pads, refill the water tank or empty the dirt bin after each pass. 

It offers total hands-free cleaning and mopping of your hard floor. It comes with a fully automated empty-wash-fill dock that you rarely find on any other robot mop. 

This dock not only charges the robot but also self-empties the dirt bin, self-washes the mopping pads, and more interestingly self-refills the water tank of the mopping unit.

It contains a mop-washing brush and filter that washes the pad while the unit is docked. The dirty water is stored in a dirty water tank installed in the dock. 

roborck s7 maxv ultra best electric mop for hardwood floor

Just set the cleaning and mopping schedule from the smartphone application or command it through Alexa voice assistant, fill the refill water tank installed in the dock, and forget about mopping for several weeks. With one refill, it can mop an area of up to 3200 sqft. 

The Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra uses Sonic Mopping Technology that scrubs the floor up to 3000 times per minute. This vibration and scrubbing disturb even the toughest and oldest dried-out stains from the floors that other mops might leave behind. Whether it is coffee/tea stains, juice/wine stains, mud stains, or any other dried-out stains, the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra can clean all of them along with pet messes thoroughly. 

It also comes with Ultrasonic Carpet Detection technology that auto-lifts the padas when the robot detects a carpet under it. So, it offers a complete cleaning solution for your multi-surface house. 

When it comes to navigation and obstacle avoidance, it uses a LIDAR system and a front AI-based camera with LED headlights. All these technologies combine to allow it to make smart maps of your house, navigate in a straight path and avoid obstacles in its way. The AI camera and LED headlights let the S7 MaxV Ultra move around many household items and obstacles like cables, socks, toys, or shoes instead of getting tangled with them.


  • Completely hands-free mopping and cleaning your hardwood floors
  • Self-washing, self-refilling, and self-emptying features
  • LIDAR system for precise navigation 
  • AI-based camera for obstacle avoidance 
  • Sonic mopping to take out the most stubborn, old, and dried-out stains
  • Customizable scheduling 
  • Smart mapping with No-Go zones


  • Can be a bit loud, especially while self-emptying 
  • Might get stuck in tight spaces


  • Weight: 3 pounds 
  • Corded/Cordless: Cordless
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 60 min
  • Tank Capacity: 300 ml
  • Washable pads: Yes

If you are on a tight budget and looking for the best electric mop for hardwood floors, VMAI Electric Mop is the best option. It comes with all the bells and whistles of all the high-priced mops but still doesn’t cost you a fortune. 

It offers cordless convenience. It contains a 2550 mAh battery that offers up to 60 minutes of dry mopping time and up to 40 minutes of wet mopping time on one charge. It takes up to 3 hours to get fully charged. 

Cordless convenience and light weight make it highly portable. You can pick it up and easily move it around your house. You can mop your hardwood stairs with it and can easily take it upstairs and downstairs as well without hurting your back. 

It has a retractable handle that can extend up to 48.8 inches and retract up to 37 inches. This ensures that you can reach further under the furniture and hard-to-reach places and can mop your floors without bending and hurting your back. 

It has a 300 ml inbuilt water tank which is easily refillable from the top. You can fill the tank with water, cleaning solution, or even wax oil if you want to polish and shine your hard floor. The spray is controlled with the press of a button which is placed on the handle. 

When it comes to mopping, the VMAI mop uses 2 motorized microfiber pads that rotate at 280 rounds/min. This ensures that your hardwood floor gets the treatment it requires. It cleans up all the food stains, spilled tea/coffee or juice stains, dust, debris, and even pet messes as well from the kitchen, bedrooms, or bathrooms for a perfectly clean and shiny floor. The microfiber pads ensure that your hardwood floor doesn’t get scratched during mopping. 

The microfiber pads are machine washable and can be reused after washing. They are easily attached and removed from the mopping head.


  • Budget price 
  • Cordless
  • Lightweight 
  • Dual-motorized spinning heads 
  • Touchless mopping pad disposal 
  • LED headlights 
  • Retractable handle


  • The sprayer causes problems sometimes 
  • Small water tank


  • Weight: 7.8 pounds 
  • Corded/Cordless: Corded
  • Cord Length: 22 feet
  • Tank Capacity: 10.8 oz 
  • Washable pads: Yes

If you have a sealed hardwood floor in your house, and you are looking for a multi-purpose mop, look no further. The Shark S7001 is a 3-in-1 mop for your hardwood floor that can steam mop, scrub and sanitize your floor in one go. The dried-out, old, and stubborn stains are a thing of the past for the Shark S7001. 

It houses two motorized spinning heads that rotate at 150 rounds/min. It has 3 steam settings: 

  • Light mode is used for quick cleanup and mopping and produces less steam 
  • Normal mode is used for daily routine mopping
  • Deep mode is used for old dried-out stains

It has a 10.8-ounce water tank. Once switched on, the Shark S7001 starts making steam within 30 seconds. You can choose your desired mopping mode for cleaning. The sanitization process starts after 3 minutes when the water temperature reaches a certain level. You don’t have to use any chemical or cleaning solution for mopping and sanitization. Only distilled water can do all the jobs. 

It has a swivel steering, a sleek design, and a low profile. This makes it easily maneuverable around corners and under furniture. It is a self-propelling electric mop and you just have to guide it along your hardwood floor.

The microfiber pads are easily attached and removed from the mopping head using velcro. These pads are machine washable. So, whenever they get dirty, just throw them in a washing machine and wash them. No need to buy new pads after every run. So, this saves you a lot in the long run. 

Vacuum your hard floor before using the Shark S7001 mop. Otherwise, the dust, hair, and other debris on your floor will make more mess while mopped on.


  • 3-in-1 mop for your hardwood floors
  • Lightweight 
  • Washable pads 
  • Self-propelled 
  • Sanitizes your hardwood floor as well
  • Removes pet odor


  • The velcro, with which the pads are attached to the mopping head, wears out with time
  • You have to mind the cord while mopping


  • Weight: 13 pounds 
  • Corded/Cordless: Corded
  • Cord Length: 25 feet
  • Tank Capacity: 13 oz 
  • Washable pads: Yes

If you have pets in your house, you have to be ready for some occasional nasty pet mess on your floors. Because even if your pet is potty-trained, infrequent mishaps happen. And when they do, cleaning them becomes a hectic chore. 

If you happen to face the same problem, the Bissell 1543A Symphony Pet mop is your savior. It relieves you from manually cleaning the pet feces and mopping afterward. For this main purpose, the Bissell 1543A has a Drop-It tank emptying system that lets you empty the dirty tank after washing and mopping your hardwood floors without getting your hands dirty. 

Besides this Drop-It feature, it also comes with a set of disposable microfiber pads that you can throw away after cleaning and mopping pet residue from your hard floors. It also comes with washable pads for routine mopping that you can wash and reuse them. 

Since it is a 2-in-1 vacuum mop, it will suck up all the dirty water from your floor as well. The vacuum function can be used simultaneously with steam mopping or separately. 

The Bissell Symphony has 2 steam settings. The Hi mode should be used for sticky dried-out stains and on sealed hard floors, while the Lo mode is used for delicate or unsealed hard floors for routine mopping. The steam can be controlled with a button placed under the handle.


  • 2-in-1 vacuum mop
  • Drop-It tank empty feature 
  • Comes with both disposable and washable pads
  • Removes pet odor from your hardwood floors


  • Loud function 
  • Pet hair will get stuck if not vacuumed before mopping 


  • Weight: 9.92 pounds 
  • Corded/Cordless: Cordless 
  • Battery Runtime: 35 minutes 
  • Clean Water Tank Capacity: 0.6 liter
  • Dirty Water Tank Capacity: 0.5 liter
  • Washable pads: Yes

Mopping your hardwood floors with an electric mop is definitely a big convenience. But having a cordless, battery-powered mop for this chore makes cleaning more desirable and less cumbersome. 

The Tineco Floor ONE S3 offers this cordless convenience with a maximum battery runtime of up to 35 minutes. 

It comes with a multi-purpose brush roller that not only picks up dirt and debris but also mops your hardwood floors as well. 

The Tineco Floor ONE S3 has iLoop smart sensor technology. With the help of this technology, it detects the type of stain and automatically adjusts the suction power and water flow for a thorough cleaning. It can easily get rid of all kinds of food stains, wet spills, old dried-out stains, and other dry debris as well. 

It comes with an all-in-one LED display that shows all the notifications including remaining battery power, current cleaning/mopping mode, wifi indicator, brush roller tangle alert, etc. 

One thing that freaks out most people during mopping is the rinsing or washing of the mop pads or brush roller. The Tineco Floor ONE S3 relieves you from this messy chore. It comes with a smart self-cleaning feature.

Once you are finished mopping your hardwood floors, just push the self-cleaning button and the Tineco Floor ONE S3 will start cleaning its brush roller and other inner parts through which the dirty mess passes. 


  • Smart cordless mop
  • Automatically adjusts suction and water flow
  • All-in-one LED display 
  • Self-cleaning cycle
  • Cordless


  • Difficult to reach under low furniture 
  • Inefficient edge cleaning


  • Weight: 9.5 pounds 
  • Corded/Cordless: Corded
  • Cord Length: 28 feet
  • Water Tank Capacity: 28 ounces 
  • Washable pads: Yes

As discussed above, an electric mop should relieve you from manually rubbing and scrubbing your floor. Among all the motorized spinning mops, Bissell SpinWave 2039A is the best one you can use on your hard floors. 

It has two motorized spinning heads with microfiber pads. These rotating heads will rub and scrub your floor and take out all the mess and stains. 

The Bissell SpinWave 2039A comes with 2 types of mopping pads. Soft microfiber pads are used for soft gentle mopping while scrubby pads are used to take out more stubborn and old stains. Both types of pads are washable. 

It has a 28-ounce water tank capacity. The water spray is controlled by a button installed in the handle. This allows you to use only the required amount of water for mopping. This dries up the floor quickly after mopping. 

The Bissell SpinWave 2039A is a lightweight machine and has swivel steering. You can easily maneuver it around corners and furniture.


  • Motorized spinning heads
  • Lightweight 
  • Swivel steering 
  • 2 types of mopping pads
  • Washable pads


  • Short cord 

Electric Mop Buying Guide For Hardwood Floors

Although hardwood floors are durable, using the wrong cleaning tools will cause scratches and scuff marks on the surface. So, the following features should be considered before buying an electric mop for your hardwood floors:

Corded or Cordless

Both types of electric mops have their own pros and cons. A cordless mop will give you the freedom to take it anywhere you want without worrying about the cable. But it will have a limited runtime on one charge. A corded electric mop, on the other hand, provides an uninterrupted power supply but you will have to have an electric outlet in most of the places in your house. 

It really depends on your preferences which one suits your mopping needs. If you don’t have a large house, you can go for a cordless one. Having a large house or multiple floor levels requires a corded mop so that you can mop your complete house without taking a break.

Type of Mopping Pads/Brush Roller

While selecting a cleaning tool for your hardwood floor, special care should be taken regarding the brush roller or the mopping pad that actually makes contact with the floor. A hard brush roller or scrubby mopping pads will put scratch marks on your floors. 

The best mop should have soft mopping pads. If scrubby pads have to be used, they should be soft enough to not damage the hardwood and scrubby enough to get rid of tough stains.

Washable/Reusable Mopping Pads

There are some electric mops in the market that use disposable mopping pads. Once the pad gets dirty you have to throw it away. These disposable pads cannot be washed or reused. This will make you buy mopping pads for almost every run. 

The best option here is to buy an electric mop that uses washable mopping pads. These pads can be washed in a machine washer and reused. This will save you a lot in the long run. 

Some 2-in-1 vacuum mops come with a self-cleaning feature. Once you are done cleaning and mopping your floors, you can select the self-cleaning cycle and the vacuum mop will wash the brush roller and all the interior pipes and other parts that get in touch with the dirt and wet mess.

Water Spray Control

Some electric mops come with an automatic water spray mechanism. These mops release the water automatically when needed during the mopping. This can result in over-watering the surface and will increase the dry-up time after mopping. Some electric mops give you control over how much water is sprayed through a spray button. With this, you can choose how much water is needed. Using water only when required will dry up the hardwood floor quickly after mopping. 

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