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How long does it take Roomba to charge?

How long does it take Roomba to charge? The wait is agonizing. Especially when your toddler has spilled the beans just after your Roomba has depleted its complete charge after cleaning. And you are waiting for your Roomba to recharge. 

And if you have just bought a new Roomba, you might be thinking, how long should I charge my Roomba for the first time? Well, don’t go further as this article answers these and other frequently asked questions regarding Roomba battery life and charging.

how long does it take Roomba to charge

How long should I charge my Roomba for the first time?

A newly bought Roomba comes with a partially charged battery. If you run your new Roomba, it might stop during the cleaning session due to a lack of charging. According to iRobot, it is recommended to charge a new Roomba battery for at least 3 hours before first use. Charging your new Roomba overnight is recommended before first use. 

how long should i charge my roomba for the first time

How long does it take Roomba to charge?

A Roomba vacuum cleaner, under normal conditions, will take at least 2 hours to get completely charged. So, what are these normal conditions under which the Roomba will take 2 hours to charge? These conditions must be maintained throughout the life cycle of your Roomba. This will not only keep your Roomba battery in good shape but will also make sure that your Roomba will live longer than usual. Following are the conditions that must be followed.

Battery maintenance tips for Roomba

  • Roomba vacuum cleaners must be kept properly cleaned and maintained. Keeping it clean will make your Roomba consume less battery while on its job and will require less time to get charged. A clean Roomba will also make less noise while cleaning
  • Roomba dock or the Homebase must also be kept tidy. If the connectors on the Homebase are not clean and dust accumulates on them, the Roomba battery will take a longer time to get charged.
  • Keeping the Roomba battery in good health requires you to properly charge and discharge the battery. This means, keeping your Roomba busy. The Roomba battery must be discharged completely before putting it to recharge. If the cleaning job is done and the Roomba battery is still running, make your Roomba wander around and deplete its charge completely before making its return to the Homebase for recharge. 
  • The Roomba battery can last up to 2 years if taken care of. Never use a cheap, low-quality battery for your Roomba when you have to replace it. Always use an authorized battery from iRobot. 
  • Keep the battery stored in a cool and dry place if Roomba is not in use for a longer time period.

16-Hour Refresh Charge

If you put your Roomba on the charging Home Base after a long period of time, it will automatically initiate a 16-hour charging cycle. This is called a refresh charging cycle. This charging cycle refreshes the Roomba battery and helps in extending its life. 

While on the refresh charge cycle, the battery icon will start to pulse amber in quick succession. In newer Roomba models all the lights on the display will turn off after one minute of charging to conserve power. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Roomba battery and charging status. 

How do I know when my Roomba is completely charged?

The older models of Roomba, 600, 800, and 900 series, show a solid green color either with a full battery sign or around the CLEAN button to indicate that the Roomba is fully charged. 

The newer models of the Roomba, e, i, and j series show a solid white color around the CLEAN button when the Roomba is fully charged. 

How do I know when my Roomba is charged?

Can I leave my Roomba charging overnight?

A Roomba vacuum cleaner must be docked at its Homebase after completing the cleaning session. This will keep it completely charged and ready for the next cleaning session. 

However, if you are going on vacation or you are not going to use your Roomba for a longer time period, it is advisable to remove the battery from your Roomba and store it in a cool and dry place. 

Why is my Roomba blinking green?

If the CLEAN button of your Roomba is showing solid green color, it means that the battery is fully charged

Roomba showing green light means battery is fully charged

Can I pick up my Roomba and move it to another room?

For the sake of it, yes you can pick your Roomba up and move it to another room. But this will surely confuse your Roomba. Newer models of Roomba map your house plan and floors. They remember and recall all the obstacles, furniture, and stairs in the room they are cleaning. If you suddenly and manually move your Roomba from one room to another it will start bumping into obstacles trying to figure out the layout of that room. 

What does the red light on Roomba mean?

If the red light is sweeping downward around the CLEAN button, it means the dirt bin is full and it is time to empty it. Your Roomba will not start cleaning again if its dirt bin is full. The dirt bin should be emptied after every cleaning session. 

If the red light is blinking around the CLEAN button, it means that the charging is too low to restart the cleaning task and the Roomba needs to recharge its battery.

Should I unplug my Roomba when not in use?

If the “not in use” period is less than a week, it is advisable to keep your Roomba plugged in and docked at the Homebase. If you are going on a vacation and not planning to use your Roomba for weeks, then you should unplug your Roomba, remove the battery and store them in a cool and dry place.