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How To Get Candle Wax Off Tile Floor With Household Items?

If you have spilled candle wax, eyebrow and hair removal wax, or Scentsy wax on your tile floor and wondering how to get the wax off tile floors, you are in luck and landed on the right page. 

This method of getting wax off tile floor is the same for any type of wax – whether it’s candle wax, Scentsy wax, or eyebrow and hair removal wax – and any type of tile floor – whether ceramic tile, porcelain tile, or terracotta tile floor. 


Whether you just have celebrated the birthday of your toddler or a candle-lit dinner with your better half, candles create a beautiful, nostalgic, alluring scene that not only captivates and intrigues everyone but dwells into the memory lane as well. 

But it’s not only the memories that stick around, the candle wax will also dwell into your tile floor and tile grout if not handled properly. And instead of cherishing the happy moments, you suddenly start to wonder, how to get candle wax off tile floors and keep your tile floor clean and shiny?

Or if you have spilled the eyebrow and hair removal wax on your tile floors, if you don’t use proper tools and steps, you will make a mess out of it.

Some people use candles to light up their living area and bathrooms during power outages. Although it is an old-fashioned way, people still use candles for lighting purposes. Candle wax spilled on the bathroom floor not only looks bad but also becomes slippery and dangerous. So, it becomes more important to get wax off the bathroom floor as soon as possible. 

Fortunately, tile floors are not the hardest surface to get candle wax off from, whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, or terracotta tile floors. Yes, getting candle wax off from the tile grout is a daunting task, but it is the wooden floor surface that becomes a royal pain to remove the candle wax from.

How to get candle wax off tile floors

how to get candle wax off tile floor

Getting candle wax, Scentsy wax, hair and eyebrow removal wax off tile floors is easy and you don’t need to use any harsh chemical cleaners that might ruin the appearance of the tiles. All you need is some household items and you are ready to go. 

Things you will need

  • Ice cubes 
  • Plastic zipper bag
  • A plastic card / metal or stiff rubber spatula / a dull knife / a metal spoon – whichever is available
  • A blow dryer 
  • Grout brush or simply an old toothbrush 
  • Paper towel
  • Wet cloth
  • Dry cloth

Step 1: Let the wax dry

Once the candle wax is spilled on the tile floor, don’t wipe it immediately as this will smear it all around the tiles. Let it dry and cool down. This will make the wax harder and it will become easier to scrub. 

You can speed up this process by putting some ice cubes in a plastic zipper bag and placing that bag on the spilled wax. 

Step 2: Scrub the excess candle wax

Once the spilled wax is hardened, take an old plastic card, a metal spatula or spoon, or a dull knife – whichever is available – and try to scrub off the wax from the tiles – ceramic, porcelain, or terracotta. 

This is a delicate process and care should be taken as not to scratch the tiles. Only scrub the upper excess layers of candle wax. 

Step 3: Use a blow dryer to wipe the remaining candle wax from the tile floor and grout

Once the excess layer of the candle wax is scrubbed off, now it is time to get rid of all the remaining wax residue that is pasted on the tile floor and grout. 

This step can be done either by using a blow dryer or an iron. I would recommend using a blow dryer because an iron might get damaged during this process. 

Put your blow dryer on high, full heat, and start spraying hot air on the wax. Once the wax looks wet, wipe it with the help of a wet cloth or a paper towel. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. Change the towel or clean it as needed. 

The same process can be applied to clean candle wax from tile grout. The only difference is that you should use an old toothbrush to agitate the wax from the tile grout. 

Step 4: Finishing

After wiping all the candle wax, Scentsy wax or hair removal off the tile floor and grout, you should wipe the floor with a dry towel to clean it properly. 

How to keep candle wax from spilling on the floor

Prevention is better than cure. So, wax should not be spilled in the first place to avoid such hard work of wiping the floor clean. Following methods should be used to keep candle wax from spilling on the floor. 

  • Place a plate, paper or cardboard under the candle to prevent the melted candle wax from dripping on the floor. 
  • Candles should be placed in a glass. This way the melted candle wax will spill in the glass and not on the floor. 

Does this method help you in removing wax from your tile floor? Is there any other method you use for this purpose? Please feel free to express your opinion in the comments below.