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How to Get Hair out of Carpet?

Getting hair out of carpets is a constant Keeping a clean home is a priority for every homeowner. Hair accumulation on carpets not only makes them unsightly but can also cause serious health problems if left uncleaned for a longer period.

Even with the most diligent cleaning efforts, hair can quickly accumulate in carpets, whether in your home or your cars, causing hideous clumps and tangles that can be difficult to remove. 

To keep your carpets and mats free of all pet and human hairs, it is crucial to find out the causes that contribute to the accumulation, the length of the follicles, the type of carpet, and the methods and tools used for cleaning. In this article, we have listed DIY cleaning tips and specialized tools to get hair out of carpets and car mats, some of the potential factors that cause hair to pile up, and how to prevent this proliferation.

How to Get Hair out of Carpet?

If you have a vacuum cleaner with an anti-tangle brush roll, picking up hair becomes a walk in the park. Just vacuum your carpet or rug and it will comb the surface and rid you of all the debris. 

But what if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner at hand or it is ineffective for this task? There are some vacuum cleaners that are not efficient in picking up hair from your floors. Their brush roll will easily get clogged and you will be cleaning the brush instead of the brush cleaning your floor. 

You can get rid of hairs from carpets in two ways – either by DIY methods or by using specialized tools.

how to get hair out of carpet

Get Hair out of Carpets Using DIY Methods

Follow these DIY methods to pick up hair from carpets without a vacuum cleaner: 

Manual pickup

If you have left your carpets and floors at the mercy of falling human hair or you happen to have an overly shedding pet like a Siberian Husky, you might see big clumps all around your house and car. If you try to use a vacuum cleaner to pick them up, no matter how sophisticated it is, it will surely get clogged. Your only best bet is to pick up all these clumps with your hand. 

Picking up all of these fluffy balls will make it easier for you to comb out all the smaller strands buried deep into the carpet pile. So, this should be the first step in this process.

Use a grooming glove

Once the carpet is cleaned of all the visible loose strands, now it is time to go deep. High-pile carpets or plush rugs attract and absorb debris and hair. These get buried deep inside the carpet fibers. 

Using a pet grooming glove will help in this regard. A grooming glove has soft rubber bristles on it. Put it on and comb your carpet gently in a circular motion. The hair will stick to the bristles. Repeat this process until you no longer see any strands on the glove.

Use a duct tape

One DIY trick to pick up hair from carpets or rugs is to use duct tape. Simply pull out a 4 or 5-inch strip and paste it on the area. The strands will stick to the tape. Now remove the strip gently. This method is more helpful in removing small strands. 

Care should be taken while using this DIY method. It can be very sticky. Pasting it on a delicate carpet or rug might damage it. While applying it on such a surface, you should use a gentle press and remove it gently as well. This will keep the carpet fibers intact during the cleaning process. 

It is always a good idea to first check the tape on an inconspicuous area of the carpet just to be sure it doesn’t damage it.

Use a lint roller

Using a lint roller is a convenient alternative to duct tape. A Lint roller has a handle and a roller of sticky tape. Now, instead of sticking and removing duct tape, you just need to roll the lint roller on the carpet and all the strands will stick onto its adhesive layer. This layer is replaceable. Once the roll is full of hair, just remove the tape and attach a new one.

Use baby wipes

Baby wipes are also helpful in picking up hair from a small area of carpets. The damp wipes will make the strands stick to them when you rub them on the surface. 

Use a damp cloth or sponge

If you don’t have baby wipes, you can also take a white cloth or sponge, dampen it with water and rub it over the affected area. The idea is the same, the dampness of the cloth will make the hair cling to it and will easily be removed. Don’t over-wet the cloth as this will make the carpet wet and removing hair will become difficult. 

Use fabric softener

Fabric softeners are used to soften the clothing and reduce the static charge from them. Since the hairs cling to the surface mostly due to the static charge, fabric softener is best suited to remove matted and tangled follicles from your carpet. Follow these steps:

  • Take a spray bottle and mix fabric softener into the water with a ratio of 5:1 – 5 parts water and 1 part fabric softener
  • Spray generously on the carpet or car mats
  • Leave the spray on the surface for at least 10-15 minutes
  • Now take a bristle brush or a vacuum with an upholstery attachment and remove all the hairs from the surface
  • Repeat the process if necessary 

Get Hair out of Carpet Using Specialized Tools

Following are some of the specialized tools that you can use to get the hair out of carpets without using a vacuum cleaner: 

Use a rubber broom/carpet rake

A rubber broom or a carpet rake is a specialized tool for manual carpet cleaning. It has silicon bristles that create a static charge. When used on a carpet or rug, this static charge makes hair stick to the bristles.

Once the hairs cling to the broom, you can easily lift them up from the carpet. This method is best suited for picking up long human hair. 

Use a carpet sweeper

A carpet sweeper is the simplistic form of a vacuum cleaner. It is a mechanical device usually operated manually by pushing and pulling it on the carpets. It contains brush rolls or beater bars, dirt compartments, and a long handle. 

A carpet sweeper helps pick up hairs because the rotating brush or beater bar loosens and lifts them and other debris from the carpet fibers. This debris is then collected into a dirt compartment. 

One feature that makes a carpet sweeper the best choice for hair removal is that its pushing and pulling create a static charge on the brush roll. This charge attracts all the loosed-up hairs from the surface.

Use a squeegee

A squeegee can also be used for this purpose. Stroke it in one direction so that all the hair and other debris is accumulated on one side. The squeegee has a rubber blade on it that agitates the surface and loosens up all the debris. Once the hairs and debris are piled up on one side, you can easily pick them up using a dustpan,

Why Does a Carpet Collect so Much Hair?

There are several causes of hair accumulation in your carpets. Some of the most common causes are listed below:

Shedding pets

If there are pets in your house, be prepared for hair fall all around your house. Especially if you have overly shedding pets like a Husky who has a double coat, the shedding becomes worse twice a year during “blowing the coat” seasons. These shedding hairs can easily get embedded in the thick fibers of a carpet. 

People with long hair

If your family members have long hair or someone has hair fall issues, these fallen hairs will also contribute to the accumulation on your carpets and other places. 

Wearing shoes inside

Shoes track in a lot of dirt and debris from outside, which can become embedded in the carpets if walked on them wearing shoes. 

Poor air quality

If the air quality in your house is poor and there is a lot of dust, pet hair, and dander in the air, this can also contribute to hair accumulation. 

Lack of vantilation

If your house is not well-ventilated, it can lead to increased humidity and moisture, which can cause hair and other debris to become embedded in your carpets and upholstery. 

Lack of maintenance

If a carpet is not regularly cleaned it is more likely to collect hair and other fine debris inside its fibers. So, regular cleaning and maintenance is compulsory to keep all the fluff out of your home. 

How to Prevent Hair Accumulation in Carpets?

Prevention is better than cure. So, a proactive approach is what you need if you want to avoid the hectic task of rubbing and scrubbing the hair out of your carpets.

Preventing hair accumulation becomes crucial if you have asthmatic patients in your house since inhaling hair or dander can cause further allergic reactions. Follow these steps to prevent hair accumulation:

Brush your pets regularly

One of the main sources of hair accumulation in carpets is pets. To avoid your pets from shedding everywhere, you should regularly brush and groom them to proactively remove all loose hair and prevent them from falling everywhere. Depending on their coat type, you will have to brush them once a day or once a week. 

Keep your pets off the carpets

Keeping your pets off the carpeted area can help prevent hair buildup. Pets should be trained to stay in their designated place like a specific room and sit in a designated area. 

Keep your home clean

Regular cleaning of your house and deep cleaning of your carpets can help to prevent hair proliferation on the surface. Especially areas where the pets usually play or sit should be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. 

Keep your home ventilated

Proper ventilation will ensure that you breathe in fresh and clean air which is free of any hair, dander, or fine dust particles. If you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets, make sure to change its filter regularly. This will ensure that the hair and debris are not pushed back from the vacuum into the air. 

Invest in a good pet vacuum

Nothing is more precious than your health. Therefore, investing in a high-quality pet vacuum cleaner is not a big ask. These vacuum cleaners come with specialized pet attachments and upholstery tools that make a big difference in keeping your floor and above-the-floor places clean and tidy.

These pet vacuum cleaners also come with a HEPA filter that traps fine debris up to 0.3 microns and keeps the air clean and fresh. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my carpets?

It is recommended to clean your carpets at least once a year, or more frequently if you have pets and children around, or if any of your family members suffer from allergies.

Regular cleaning not only helps to remove hair and other debris but also extends the lifespan of your carpets and improves the overall air quality of your home. 

Can hair damage my carpet?

Yes, accumulated hair can damage your carpet over time. These strands can become deeply embedded in the carpet fibers, making it difficult to remove and causing the carpet and mat to become matted and worn. If not removed in time, this mess can attract more dirt, dust, and other debris, which can worsen the situation.

To prevent damage to your carpet and rugs, it is important to regularly clean them and take preventative measures against hair accumulation. 

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