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Shark VACMOP Pro Vs Bissell CrossWave (With Comparison Table)

The Shark VACMOP Pro and Bissell CrossWave are two highly efficient, multi-functional upright vacuums that can tackle all of your cleaning and mopping needs. Both contain powerful suction and innovative cleaning and mopping technology, making them ideal for removing dirt, debris, and pet hair mostly from hard floors. 

Combining a vacuum and mop functionality in one machine, these wet/dry vacs provide a convenient solution for busy households seeking to streamline their hard floor cleaning routine. 

If you have sealed hard floors in your house, be it tiles, vinyl, marble, hardwood, or linoleum, you have to follow the cleaning protocol. That is, mopping the hard floor after cleaning it. What if you get a vacuum cleaner that also acts as a mop? It saves a ton of time. 

If we compare the Shark VACMOP Pro vs Bissell CrossWave, they share certain similarities but there are some differences as well. 

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick, concise comparison given below, followed by a detailed overview of all the differences and similarities.

Quick Comparison

shark vacmop pro vs bissell crosswave

The main difference between a Shark VACMOP Pro and Bissell CrossWave is the floor recommendation. Shark VACMOP Pro is only recommended for sealed hard floors while the Bissell CrossWave is recommended to be used on both hard floors and carpets and rugs as well. 

This is because of the type of cleaning head used in both vacuums. Shark VACMOP Pro uses a pad on the cleaning head with 9.8 inches of cleaning path while the Bissell CrossWave has a microfiber + nylon dual-action brush roller that is 12 inches wide. 

Another major difference between Shark VACMOP Pro and Bissell CrossWave is the weight. Shark is a very lightweight vacuum with a 3.34 lb weight. While Bissell is heavier with a weight of 11.5 lb. 

The Shark has a small dirt-collecting chamber of 0.1 Quarts attached to its disposable pad. It also doesn’t have a dirty water tank. Bissell, on the other hand, has two tanks, one each for clean water/cleaning solution and dirty water/dry debris.  

The price of the Shark VACMOP Pro is lower compared to the Bissell CrossWave, but the cost of cleaning is higher. 

Shark VACMOP Pro is a cordless device running on a Lithium-ion battery. Bissell CrossWave is a corded vacuum. 

Both have their pros and cons which are discussed in detail below. 


Bissell CrossWave

Shark VACMOP Pro vs Bissell CrossWave (Comparison Table)

Shark VACMOP ProvsBissell CrossWave
3.34 lbs.Weight11.5 lbs.
5.3*9.5*47.87 inchesDimensinos10.5*12*46 inches
N/ACord Length25 ft.
Cleaning Features
Hard FloorRecommended FloorsMulti Floor
Disposable PadCleaning HeadMicrofiber+Nylon brush roller
9.8 inchesCleaning Head Width12 inches
YesSwivel SteeringYes
0.1 QuartsDirt Bin/Dirty Water Tank Capacity14.5 oz.
Lithium-ionBattery TypeN/A
13 min.Battery RuntimeN/A
3 hrs.Battery Charging TimeN/A

Shark VACMOP Pro vs Bissell CrossWave

Floor Recommendation

When it comes to floor surface recommendations, both Shark VACMOP Pro and Bissell CrossWave are different from each other. 

Shark is recommended for only sealed hard floors – tile, stone, marble, vinyl, hardwood, and linoleum. This is because its cleaning head doesn’t have a brush roller to work on carpets. 

If you really want to use it on carpets, it might pick up debris from the surface, but it will not be able to agitate the carpet pile for deep cleaning. 

Bissell CrossWave, on the other hand, can be used on both hard floors as well as on carpets and rugs thanks to its dual-action brush roller. 

It has two buttons on its handle, one to clean rugs and carpets and the other for hard floors. This helps you make a smooth transition between cleaning carpets and hard floors.

Cleaning Head

shark vacmop disposable pad and bissell crosswave brush roller

The difference in the floor recommendations between Shark VACMOP Pro and Bissell CrossWave is because of their cleaning heads. 

The Shark VACMOP Pro has a disposable pad attached to its cleaning head. This pad contains a plastic chamber that collects dust and debris while the pad mops the hard floor. 

This pad is only suitable for hard floors and not for carpets and rugs. There is no bristle or rubber brush roller. So, it is not recommended for soft surfaces like carpets and rugs. 

The Bissell CrossWave, on the other hand, has a microfiber + nylon dual-action brush roller. This roller is as effective on carpets and rugs as it is on hard floors. 

The microfiber is used to Mop the hard floors while the nylon bristles of the brush agitate the carpet pile for deep cleaning. 

If, by chance, you have candle wax spilled on your tile floor, read this guide on how to get candle wax off the tile floor using household items. 

Cleaning Performance

The Shark VACMOP Pro has a very decent airflow of 46 CFM which is nearly as good as any high-end cordless vacuum cleaner (Dyson V11, which is one of the top cordless vacuum cleaners, has an airflow of 50 CFM). 

This makes it perform exceptionally well while picking up even medium to large debris – cheerios, cereals, dust, hair – from your hard floors. 

It has a button under its handle that controls the suction. This feature lets you turn off the suction while you are using it just to mop the floor. This saves battery power since mopping is a manual process. 

When it comes to mopping, the Shark uses a disposable pad as a mop. The cleaning solution is filled in the tank that is placed in the unit. The solution is then sprayed directly on the floor using a knob on the handle. This gives you control over how much solution is used during mopping. 

It doesn’t have any trouble wiping out dried coffee stains or even dried V8 juice stains from hard floors. 

However, as there is no dirty water tank available, the amount of water it absorbs really depends on the pad. If you have a larger area to mop, the pad might get wet with a large dirty mess quickly and you will have to replace it. 

Similar is the case with wiping big spills. The Shark VACMOP Pro is suitable for small areas and small to medium spills. Otherwise, the cost of purchasing disposable pads will far exceed their benefits. 

With a powerful motor that creates 3000 RPM, Bissell picks up all types of debris, from medium to large, easily. 

With a power of around 1.6 kPa, Bissell CrossWave is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners that you can use on hard floors and on carpets as well. With this much power, this vacuum has no trouble in picking up debris even from deep down the carpet pile. 

Bissell CrossWave uses a dual tank system, one each for clean water and dirty water. This relieves you from the recurring cost you will have to bear while purchasing disposable pads for your Shark VACMOP Pro. 

The dual tank system ensures that the dirty water is trapped in the tank and you always mop your hard floors with clean water. 

Power Supply

Shark VACMOP Pro is a cordless upright vacuum. It gets its power from a Lithium-ion battery. It gives a runtime of around 13 minutes on one charge and the battery takes around 3 hrs to get fully charged. 

This cordless feature gives you ease of use. You don’t have to look for electric outlets while cleaning. But the 13 min of runtime means that you cannot clean the whole house if you have a larger area. 

Bissell CrossWave, on the other hand, is a corded upright vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t provide as much freedom of use as a cordless vacuum, but with a cord length of 25 ft, you can easily maneuver it around a given room. 

Being corded means an uninterrupted power supply. You can clean your whole house in one go without having to worry about battery charging.


Shark VACMOP Pro is a very lightweight vacuum cleaner with 3.34 lbs. of weight. This is a feather-like weight for an upright vacuum cleaner.  This makes it highly portable and easy to carry. Even elderly people can use this machine without any problem. 

Such lightweight makes it ideal to take upstairs and downstairs for cleaning. And you can easily clean your stairs as well with ease. 

It also has a swivel steering that allows you to navigate it through tight places and around corners easily without any fuss. 

The Bissell CrossWave wet/dry vacuum is heavier. This is mainly because of the two-tank system and a heavy motor. But it has a pair of wheels, which allows smooth maneuvering even on carpets and rugs. 

It also has a swivel steering that can move around 25 degrees. This might not be as handy if you have multiple pieces of furniture on your floor.

Water/Dirt Collection

Another difference between Shark VACMOP Pro and Bissell CrossWave is the clean and dirty water disposal and collection system. 

The Shark VACMOP Pro has a solution tank contained within the upright unit. The solution spray is controlled by a button on top of the handle. Once pressed, it sprays the solution directly on the floor in front of the cleaning head. 

This gives you the power of controlling how much solution you use. This feature is not available in most wet/dry vacuums. 

As mentioned earlier, the Shark VACMOP Pro uses disposable pads on its cleaning head to vacuum and collect the debris and mop the floor. 

These pads have a small plastic dirt chamber (0.1 Quart) on them that collects and locks all the dirt and debris that it picks. 

These pads attach to the cleaning head easily. And when it comes to getting rid of these pads, it is just a matter of one click. With this no-touch disposal feature, the pad is disposed of just by pressing a knob on the cleaning head and the pad is off to the dust bin. 

Bissell CrossWave has a dual tank system. The clean water tank has a capacity of 28 oz and the dirty water tank has a capacity of 14.5 oz. 

In the clean water tank, you put lukewarm water and the cleaning solution. It also has a trigger button that controls how much water and cleaning solution is supplied to the brush roll for mopping the floor. 

Its dirty water tank has a capacity of 14.5 oz. This is more than enough to clean an average house floor.


Both the Shark VACMOP Pro and the Bissell CrossWave come with some sort of self-cleaning feature. 

The Shark VACMOP Pro’s cleaning pads are disposable and are disposed of with just a click of a knob without touching them. So, you don’t have to get your hand dirty. 

The Bissell CrossWave comes with a self-cleaning tray. This tray will clean the brush roller automatically. This feature is very helpful especially after cleaning pet messes from your floors. The dirty water tank, on the other hand, must be emptied and cleaned manually.


When it comes to upfront cost, Shark VACMOP Pro is very low priced as compared to the Bissell CrossWave. Having better features than Shark VACMOP Pro, Bissell CrossWave also justifies its higher price. 

But when it comes to maintenance costs, the Shark VACMOP Pro is more expensive. 

The disposable pads used in Shark VACMOP are usable only once. Since there is no dirty water collection chamber, all the wet mess is absorbed by the pad. This makes it dirty even in one complete run. 

Mopping your hard floor with a dirty pad is really not what you would want. So, you will have to buy more of these disposable pads. They are easily available from the Shark store and Amazon. But, considering the cost of buying these pads, the cost of Shark VACMOP Pro increases in the long run.

What's In The Box

Shark VACMOP Pro

  • Shark VACMOP Pro unit (unassembled)
  • Cleaning solution bottle
  • 4 pcs disposable pads
  • Magnetic charger

Bissell CrossWave

  • Bissell CrossWave wet/dry vacuum cleaner (unassembled)
  • Storage/cleaning tray
  • A cleaning solution bottle

Final Verdict

If you compare head-on, the Bissell CrossWave is surely a winner. 

  • It has a two-tank system that always ensures cleaning and mopping with clean water. 
  • It is recommended for multi-surface use with a dual-action brush roll and a powerful motor. 
  • It is powered by a cord so you don’t have to worry about battery runtime. 
  • And, above all, it doesn’t have any extra recurring cost of cleaning. 
  • The dirty water tank can be cleaned and reused unlike the disposable pads used in the Shark VACMOP Pro. 

If you have both hard floors and carpets/rugs in your house and a large area to clean, the Bissell CrossWave wet/dry vacuum cleaner should be your go-to choice.  

Shark VACMOP Pro, on the other hand, is an innovative vacuum mop that does its job pretty well by picking up debris and mopping the hard floors. But considering 

  • the short battery runtime, 
  • smaller dirt collection chamber, 
  • and recurring cost of purchasing disposable cleaning pads, 

it is best suited only for small jobs, for example, cleaning your kitchen, or as an emergency use for wiping a spill on the hard floor. 

It is not suited for you if you are looking for a wet/dry vacuum to do the routine complete cleaning of your whole house.


Bissell CrossWave

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vacuum mop combos worth it?

The vacuum mop combos are definitely worth it. If you clean your hard floor manually, you first have to clean it and then mop it. Doing both tasks manually will take a lot of time. The vacuum mop combos have made these burdensome tasks easy and less time-consuming by doing both tasks simultaneously. 

Does Bissell CrossWave leave floors wet?

Bissell CrossWave leaving your floors wet depends on how much water you have used for mopping and how many passes you have made over the floor. If you think it is leaving your floor wet, you can use it without water. It will dry your floor quickly. 

Can I just vacuum with Bissell CrossWave?

Yes. You can use Bissell CrossWave just as a vacuum cleaner. It is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and has two buttons on the handle, one for cleaning rugs/carpets and the other one for cleaning hard floors. You can use press the Hard Floor button to use it as a vacuum only. 

Is Bissell CrossWave a steam mop?

No. The Bissell CrossWave is not a steam mop. It is a mop but it doesn’t use steam. It has a microfiber+nylon brush roller. The microfiber brush mops the hard floors using the water and cleaning solution. 

Does the Shark VACMOP vacuum and mop at the same time?

Yes. The Shark VACMOP Pro can vacuum and mop at the same time. It has two trigger buttons on its handle. One on the bottom of the handle controls the suction for vacuuming and the other one on top of the handle controls the solution spray for mopping. You can press both buttons to use it as a vacuum and mop at the same time. 

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